“Since using Biochar plants have been stronger & crop yields greater.” – Roger (St Levan, Cornwall)

What Biochar does:

  • Increases plant growth and yield.

  • Saves you money (less watering, no chemical fertilisers).

  • Helps fight climate change – by locking carbon in the ground, out of the atmosphere.

  • Acts as a microbe haven, locking nutrients, bacteria, & funghi – increasing soil fertility.

  • 100% organic – locally & sustainably sourced (no artificial ingredients).

  • Effective for over 50 years!

Kernow Black is currently selling biochar for around £5 p/kg bag.

You can also buy Kernow Black biochar on ebay! Find yourself a bargain, please visit (click below):

Selling Biochar on ebay

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Biochar Stall

What’s the difference between Kernow Black biochar and the others? Two simple, but great, things:

1) No one one today makes it as well as what has been found made by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon – they pit burned, I do too. Kernow Black makes artisan pit burned biochar, not your kiln equivalent. We put time into this.

2) Dry Biochar works, but my nutrient (wet) bacteria culture filled biochar works better! (It’s why so much of the scientific evidence is split, too much dry application, that like a sponge soaks up soil nutrition in the first season or two, giving bad crop results and bad scientific evidence – Kernow Black biochar gives nutrition to the soil and crops straight away!)

Kernow Black started out selling biochar in the local Cornish Farmer’s Markets in 2013 and the local gardeners loved it! We have now expanded to London, with new business challenges ahead.

“The garden is growing like mad!” – Rosie (Sennen, Cornwall)

Please explore this website for more information on this highly beneficial soil improving product. Most recent information can be found on out “News” page, which can be selected from the menu above.

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